Critics are saying about Doppelgänger:

“The plot becomes more unnerving as it progresses, and an impressive twist leads to a lengthy final act featuring Rosica (the Doppelgänger) at her most ferocious.” The Kirkus Review

Architect Iris Reid is arrested when the police identify her as one of the bank robbers who shot a guard. Scrambling to defend herself against an airtight case, Iris discovers that her mail's been diverted to an abandoned apartment. She's able to find a clue there and pick up her doppelganger’s trail. But her adversary is watching her every move.

Critics are saying about FACADE:

"Cory gleefully breezes through subplots and twists
with a resourceful protagonist at the helm . . . Supporting
characters are outstanding . . .the ending is bound to surprise." The Kirkus Review

Smart and gutsy architect, Iris Reid, is plunged into the dark world surrounding a missing Cambridge schoolgirl.
One of the girl's last visits was to Xander DeWitt, Harvard's handsome guest starchitect, who denies that they ever met.
Only Iris can provide an alibi that will allow DeWitt to keep his perfect life.
But can she actually vouch for his innocence?

Critics are saying about CONUNDRUM:

"An exciting, engrossing tale of greed, deceit and
murder"  The Kirkus Review

When a Harvard Architecture School superstar plunges off the balcony
at a graduation party, the police see an accident, not foul play. But
fellow-student Iris Reid knows that any jealous member of the ruling clique
would have relished pushing him off. Twenty years later, a reunion is
luring the same cast of characters back to Cambridge. The opening night
dinner is being held in a Modernist house that Iris has designed. She hopes
to untangle the events that led to her friend's death. But the murderer has
other plans. When a long-ago boyfriend turns up dead the night of the
dinner, all the incriminating evidence points to Iris. What began as an
attempt to avenge her old friend turns into a desperate race to avoid being
framed by the clever killer - a killer capable of twisting the truth into a bloody