Iris Reid Mysteries

“It’s exciting to see Iris combat wrongdoers, as her entanglements with danger are always fun to watch.”
Kirkus Reviews
(on Death Waves)
“Each of these books takes the reader through mystery, suspense, and darkness, and each comes to a complete and satisfying resolution.”
—Elderflower, Five Star Review
(on Conundrum)
“Mystery and distinctive characters hone this remarkable tale.”
Kirkus Reviews
(on Collateral Damage)
“A tight, unpredictable plot with a fascinating antagonist. Cory writes great characters…”
—Mystery Lover
(on Doppelgänger)
“The plot becomes more unnerving as it progresses.”
Kirkus Reviews
(on Doppelgänger)
“Completely absorbing, fast-paced, well-written and with a shocking ending guaranteed to satisfy.”
—P.M. Steffen, bestselling author
(on Collateral Damage)
“Cory gleefully breezes through subplots and twists with a resourceful protagonist at the helm.”
Kirkus Reviews
(on Façade)
“An exciting, engrossing tale of greed, deceit and murder.”
Kirkus Reviews
(on Conundrum)


Book 6

A skeleton with broken fingers—a boy alone in the cold Maine woods—a father too terrified to come out of hiding.

Why does a carpenter get fatally assaulted at architect Iris Reid’s new museum project? And why was a man’s tortured body hidden under the floorboards in the very same spot twenty years before?

Now the media is calling the site “the museum of horrors” and Iris must uncover the link between the two crimes before the killer curates his next victim. Can she stay ahead of this adversary who will stop at nothing to keep his shocking secret hidden?



Book 5

An intern with a secret identity—a savage killing machine—and a tragic misunderstanding.

Architect Iris Reid knew her dream commission designing a museum would be exciting, but not “in the crosshairs of international spies” exciting!

At her first design meeting with her client, billionaire inventor Alex Harcon, he brings along an invention destined for a government lab. This revolutionary weapon has caught the attention of hostile foreign powers, and of Iris’ new intern—who isn’t what he seems.

Unfortunately, due to a misunderstanding on Iris’s part, the device won’t exactly be reaching its intended destination. Now, in order to avoid an impending disaster which will jeopardize the lives of people she cares about, Iris needs to correct her mistake and retrieve the device.

If only she had a blueprint on how to do it…



Book 4

A dead body found on a construction site—the sudden appearance of an old lover—and a gifted artist linked to both.

Architect Iris Reid’s new project hits a dead end when a murder victim is discovered in the chimney. Her client becomes the prime suspect and Iris sets out to find the real killer. Things go from bad to worse when Iris’ boyfriend reconnects with an old flame, bringing up buried secrets and unintended consequences that threaten to change Iris’ life forever.



Book 3

During a robbery, a bank guard is shot. The license of the getaway car is traced to Architect Iris Reid. When the police arrest Iris and show her security footage of the robbery, she sees her own face looking back.

Scrambling to defend herself against an airtight case, Iris discovers that her mail’s been diverted to an abandoned apartment in the next town. She’s able to find a clue there that allows her to pick up her doppelganger’s trail.

But someone is watching her every move.



Book 2

Smart and gutsy architect Iris Reid is plunged into the dark world surrounding a missing Cambridge schoolgirl.

One of the girl’s last visits was to Xander DeWitt, Harvard’s handsome guest starchitect, who denies that they ever met.

Only Iris can provide an alibi that will allow DeWitt to keep his perfect life.

But can she actually vouch for his innocence?



Book 1

When a Harvard Architecture School superstar plunges off the balcony at a graduation party, the police see an accident, not foul play. But fellow-student Iris Reid knows that any jealous member of the ruling clique would have relished pushing him off.

Twenty years later, a reunion is luring the same cast of characters back to Cambridge. The opening night dinner is being held in a Modernist house that Iris has designed. She hopes to untangle the events that led to her friend’s death. But the murderer has other plans.

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